Rice Cookie Improv in Munich

We are an open social improv group and community based in Munich

Breaking it down:

  • Open: we want to be open to everyone, inclusive, and tolerant of different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities. Everyone is welcome!
  • Social1): we want to spend time together, create a “​family”​ feeling of belonging, build friendships,​ and have fun together, even outside improv
  • Improv: we want to improvise, and through that have fun and develop our personal skills.
  • Group: we are a group, we practice improv together and we go on stage to perform together.
  • Community: we are a community, we socialize together outside of improv, we encourage experimentation, we learn from each other. We help people form little improv groups either for one-off projects or more permanently.


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  • Openness and inclusiveness
  • Personal development
  • A close social community FIXME What does close mean in this context?
  • Beginner-friendliness
  • Quality of moderation
  • Regular events
  • Fun, improvised fun

What we do?

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Contact us

 QR Code of the Whatsapp group

Contact form Please use this contact form

Whatsapp groups Rice Cookie Improv Meetups: If you want to get our “live location”, last minute information about the practice room or park or know about the topic of the workshop. To prevent spam, only moderators can post on this group

Whatsapp groups Improv-Enthusiasts in München: Please scan the right QR code with you cellphone to join. For Improv-Events in this city and going out with us after the meetup or at night on Saturdays, posting photos and videos. Everyone can post here

Rice Cookie Meetup group Rice Cookie - Improvtheater in Munich
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Why is Improv-Theater our passion?

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Frequently asked questions - F.A.Q

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“​improv”​ are “​social”​ equal. Remove the improv, and Rice Cookie becomes just another boring social group that doesn'​t do anything for your personal development. Remove the social, and Rice Cookie becomes just another group for improving your improv skills and loses it's magic, the “​family”​ feeling


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