Moderators of Rice Cookie

Useful information

Contact information of owner of the rooms where we practice

Signs to show the way to the practice room (for printing with Libreoffice Draw): Libreoffice Draw File

Traning other moderators

Tasks, responsabilities and decision of the Moderators (Role)


Members can become moderators via a fair inclusive process meant to ensure they have the necessary skills and intentions.

Tasks of the moderators

  • Finding a moderator if something cames accross and they can't moderate and be sure that the replacement does all the tasks
  • Update the event on the public Google Calendar with his/her name
  • Create an event for the workshop in Facebook and Meetup, if required
  • Prepare the meetup choosing a topic, games and investing time learning about the teached concepts
  • Decide if it is going to be held indoor or outdoor
    • Update the location of the events in Facebook, and the website if necessary
    • Update the organizators of the meetup event
    • Correct the text of the meetup event if necessary
    • Write a post reminding about the location and topic of the workshop on
      • “Improv enthusiasts in MUC” whatsapp group
      • “Rice Cookie Improv Meetups” whatsapp group
      • Meetup event
      • Facebook event
  • Get the key of the room if necessary
  • Answer questions on Whatsapp and Facebook related to the meetup
  • Be on time
  • Use a safe word or rules to make grains respect the boundaries of other players on stage
  • Ask the beginners how was their first experience with improv
  • Collect contributions and document them on the accounting spreadsheet
    • Session contributions can be summed up and written without the names
    • For monthly contributions we write the name of the person
  • Close the door and windows of the room they used
  • Go out with the group after the workshop or find a person who will do it
  • Transfer the contributions to the treasurer


  • Choose a main topic for the meetup
  • Choose a structure for the meetup
  • Limit the number of attendees if required by the topic
  • Define admission rules for those members who are late
  • Choose to include co-moderators in the meetup
  • Decide how to make grains make respect the boundaries of other players
  • Decide with other moderators of the same day, what is the target group of the workshop: Tuesday and Saturday workshops are aimed at all levels, including absolute beginners. Thursday workshops are aimed at intermediate improvisers.

Required permissions

  • Member of the “Improv enthusiasts in MUC” whatsapp group
  • Admin of the “Rice Cookie Improv Meetups” whatsapp group
  • Admin of the “RCI Moderators” whatsapp group
  • Event Organizer permissions on
  • Editor role on the facebook page
  • moderators role on the website (Dokuwiki)
  • Editor on the Google Calendar

Workshops in a different language

They can be part of the Rice Cookie if there is a person fully responsible for them who also uses the Rice Cookie name and adheres to the Rice Cookie vision and values. All moderators vote about this FIXME Create a FAQ entry and explain the requirements

Tasks, responsabilities and decision of the Moderator Trainer (Role)


  • Trainers must already be moderators

Tasks of the trainers

  • Support the candidates who want to become moderators
  • Document the steps and skills to become a moderator in Rice Cookie on the website
  • Inform other moderators, when the candidate is ready to moderate on his own a whole meetup


  • Define, together with other trainers, what steps and skills are required to moderate
  • Decide when the candidate is ready to take ownership of a whole meetup of 2-3 hours

Required permissions

  • FIXME Write permission on the page with the training steps on the website. Create role.


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