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 ====== Group games in circles ====== ​ ====== Group games in circles ====== ​
   * [[https://​​en/​wiki/​improv/​vocal_chain|Vocal chain]]   * [[https://​​en/​wiki/​improv/​vocal_chain|Vocal chain]]
 +====== Playing scenes ======
 +===== Places =====
 +  * [[https://​​de/​wiki/​improtheater/​szene_mit_der_wand|Scene with a wall in the middle]]: The audience chooses a place with two rooms like a spaceship with the control room and a restroom. Two player start establishing a scene on each of those rooms. When they found an excuse to change the room, the go the border and stop there. There two other waiting players replace them mimiking their walking pace. They are responsible to performing on the "​other"​ room.